About Hunters Point


The Hunters Point Home Owners Association is a covenant controlled community which is self-managed by volunteer owners.  The affairs of the association are managed by a Board of Directors which are elected by the members (owners of property in Hunters Point). Amenities include hiking trails in association-owned open space and a park, which has a playground and tennis court.


The association dues are billed each year in January, and are based on the following assessments for 2023:

General Fund Dues   $273.97
Capital Fund               $53.91
Private Drive Fund*   $298.26
Trash                           $163.44
Recycling**                 $102.24

*Private Drives include 26 homes located on Private Drives which pay into the Private Drive Fund for maintenance of the Private Drives. (1614 -1630 Oak Hills Dr, 1620-1670 Pinnacle Ridge Lane, 1650-1695 Summit Point Court, 1850-1856 Oak Hills Dr, 1920-1950 Oak Hills Dr, and 2040-2065 Hunters Point Lane)

**Recycling services are optional


As a covenant controlled community, owners are responsible for adhering to the Hunters Point Design Standards.  Any change that impacts the external appearance of a home or landscaping requires Architectural Committee approval.


To maintain property values, Hunters Point Covenants are enforced.  Community Standards are included in the Hunters Point Design Standards.  All owners, renters, and contractors are expected to adhere to the Community Standards.  Enforcement is carried out as part of the Architectural Committee.


The Association has been a pioneer in Colorado Springs in Wildfire Mitigation.  Since 2005, the Colorado Springs Fire Department (CSFD) has designated the Hunters Point Home Owners Association a “Firewise Community”.  Many insurance companies recognize this designation and provide a reduction in property insurance premium.   The Association has partnered with the CSFD to perform extensive mitigation on Association owned common space as well as providing twice a year no cost chipper service to remove the results of owner wildfire mitigation activities.  Typically, Association members have expended over 1,500 hours of work on wildfire mitigation activities on their properties.  In addition, the CSFD performs no cost wildfire risk assessments for owners on an appointment basis.


The Association maintains a private park for association members and renters at the intersection of Oak Hills Drive and Stoney Point Court.  The park consists of a tennis court, playground, picnic tables and a gazebo.  In addition, the Association owns open space in the ravine which begins opposite the entrance to Trappers Glen Court.  There is a nature trail that runs from that entrance to an exit on Pinnacle Ridge Lane.  In addition, the Association maintains a small trail with steps connecting Oak Hills Drive, near the entrance to Trappers Glen Court up to Squire Ridge Court.