Architectural Control

Beauty and Harmony Maintained

Nestled under Pikes Peak, surrounded by nature’s bounty, and perched over sweeping vistas: Hunters Point’s aesthetics are second to none. Maintaining harmony with our surroundings supports our neighborhood’s beauty and keeps the community vibrant.

Any improvements to a lot or structure exterior must be submitted for approval to the Architecture Committee.  The specifics are found in the Design Standards but, as a rule of thumb, if an Owner plans to install or make any change to something neighbors see – a deck, a roof, a play structure, landscaping, stucco, paint – the change should blend with our surroundings, comply with the Design Standards, and must be submitted for approval.

To seek Committee approval, please submit an application by either completing the Improvement Application – Online Submission or printing, completing, scanning and emailing the PDF Improvement Application – Printable Form to the Architecture Committee Chair at  The committee will review and respond to the application within 30 days.

Any questions? We are here to help. Please email the Architecture Committee Chair at

The following are the Hunters Point Design Standards and Improvement Applications.


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artboard-1  Design Standards

Improvement Application – Online Submission

artboard-1  Improvement Application – Printable Form

artboard-1  Solar Panel Guidelines