Please see below for our frequently asked questions.  If your question is not listed below, or you would like additional details, please contact us at communicationshphoa@gmail.com.

If your trash or recycling is not picked up on the day of service, please contact GFL directly to request pick up the following day.  Please call: (719) 633-8709

If you need a replacement trash or recycling tote, please contact GFL directly to request the replacement and exchange of the old receptacle.  Call (719) 633-8709 or request online.

Any improvements to a lot or structure exterior must be submitted for approval to the Architecture Committee.  The specifics are found in the Design Standards but, as a rule of thumb, if an Owner plans to install or make any change to something neighbors see – a deck, a roof, a play structure, landscaping, stucco, paint – the change should blend with our surroundings, comply with the Design Standards, and must be submitted for approval.

To seek Committee approval, please submit an application by either completing the Improvement Application – Online Submission or printing, completing, scanning and emailing the PDF Improvement Application – Printable Form to the Architecture Committee Chair at acchphoa@gmail.com.  The committee will review and respond to the application within 30 days.

Any questions? We are here to help. Please email the Architecture Committee Chair at acchphoa@gmail.com.

The HOA Management team is made up of many volunteers, including The Board of Directors, Architecture Committee and many other volunteers who help us provide support and services to our homeowners.  If you are interested in joining The Board or volunteering in another way, please contact the HOA President to learn more. 

Wildfire Mitigation is the reduction of natural vegetation in the area immediately around the home to protect structures from an approaching wildfire. Wildfire mitigation can also reduce the potential of a structure fire spreading to surrounding vegetation. The Colorado Springs Fire Department recommends mitigating ten (10) feet immediately around the home and suggests thirty (30) feet, but not to extend beyond the property line. For more information click on the resources below:

2022 Burn Restrictions

Mitigation DO’s and DONT’s

Fire Mitigation slash must be placed on front yards for pick-up.

Guiding principles for slash are as follows:


  • Woody limbs and branches only – up to 9” diameter.
  • No construction or building materials; no nails or wire.
  • No grass clippings or bags of leaves.
  • No trash, weeds or yuccas.
  • No root wads, dirt or rocks.
  • Piles only, no bags.


  • Piles must be stacked with cut ends facing the road.
  • Piles must be within 5’ of the roadway.
  • Limit pile size to 5’x5’x5’.
  • No limit to number of piles.
  • Slash mulch will be hauled away for recycling. Or a full load can be left on-site for mulch when requested.
  • Do not combine piles with neighbors or haul in material from other neighborhoods.


The CSFD Chipper comes through the Hunters Point HOA twice per year.  The dates are typically in mid-Spring and mid to late Summer.  Service will begin on the date(s) given and may take up to two weeks to make it through the area. 

The HOA is committed to the education and control of noxious weeds throughout our community. The Environmental Division of El Paso County has published the enclosed resource intended to help you, the homeowner, in the control of noxious weeds utilizing integrated weed management techniques including mechanical (mowing, pulling), chemical (herbicide treatments), biological (insects), and cultural methods (re-seeding with native plants).

Noxious Weeds Control Methods