Homeowner Portal FAQ

Please see below for our frequently asked questions regarding the Homeowner Portal.  If your question is not listed below, or you would like additional details, please contact us at communicationshphoa@gmail.com. 

If you have questions regarding trash/recycling, annual dues and invoices, or the improvement application process please see our full list of FAQ.

The homeowner portal provides a consolidated and secure platform for all HOA operations, information and documents. 

BENEFITS FOR OUR HOMEOWNERS: The portal provides homeowners immediate access to HOA documents, any communications related to their property including improvement applications, covenant compliance notifications, and invoices and serves as the primary communication tool to The Board.  

BENEFITS FOR THE VOLUNTEER BOARD:  The portal helps the HOA’s volunteer board manage their responsibilities more efficiently and effectively.  It provides transparency among all board members, hosts all HOA documents, serves as our accounting platform and sends communications to homeowners.  All in one, centralized location!

If you did not receive an account activation email, please check your spam/junk folder.  

If you still do not see an email from PayHOA, we likely do not have a valid email for you on record. 

Please contact the HOA at to update your information and request access to the portal.  

We will be using the Homeowner Portal for all HOA communications including invoicing, general email communications, improvement application requests, covenant enforcement notifications and any HOA events.   You will need to sign in at minimum to receive and view your annual invoice.  You may pay through the portal or via check.  If you wish to stay informed of anything else going on in the HOA, this is the exclusive source for that as well.

Our third party homeowner portal, supported by PayHOA provides 100% security for personal information including credit card and banking information.  PayHOA provides secure storage for all HOA documents through permission-based access to the portal.   The homeowner portal ensures legal compliance with data protection laws.   You may find all the details here!

You can access the homeowner portal from the button at the top of the HOA Website or by visiting the PayHOA website.

You can logout of the Homeowner Portal by selecting your profile image/icon at the top right of portal, then select logout.

Yes.  The portal will log you out automatically after a period of inactivity.  This keeps your login and the HOA data secure.  

Your browser can save your login credentials if you allow it. 

To reset your password, visit https://app.payhoa.com/auth/login and select forgot password.  The volunteer board does not have access to your password or the ability to reset your password.

No, there is no mobile app currently available for the Homeowner Portal.  However, the portal may be used on any device using your internet browser (Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, DuckDuckGo, etc.). 

No, we will continue to maintain our HOA website.  The website provides information about our community to both current and potential homeowners.  Some documents will be available on the website and the Homeowner Portal. 

The website also provides contact information for each Board Member as well as our general email address. 

Direct communication with the board will continue through their respective emails for the time being.  

Please visit the contact page to reach out to a board member.

Hunters Point HOA will now use the Homeowner Portal for all official communications. This includes: 

  • Annual Invoices
  • Payment of Dues via ACH or Credit Card (checks are still accepted)
  • Architecture Improvement Requests, Communications and Approvals
  • Other requests: Park Reservation, Examine Documents
  • CSFD Chipper Sign up
  • Access HOA Documents: Covenants, By Laws, Articles of Incorporation, Design Standards, Covenant Interpretations, Meeting Minutes, Newsletters, etc.
  • Calendar of Events
  • And more to come!

Direct communication with the board will continue through their respective emails for the time being.  

Please visit the contact page to reach out to a board member.

Annual Dues Invoices will be sent through PayHOA.  You will receive an email notification directing you to your PayHOA account to view and pay the invoice. 

You may pay online through the Homeowner Portal using a credit card or ACH.  After logging in, you will see multiple make a payment/pay now buttons on the home dashboard.  You may select any of these buttons to pay your invoice.  

We will still accept checks, if you prefer.  Checks can be mailed to: 

Hunters Point HOA 
PO Box 49185
Colorado Springs, CO 80949

The Architecture Improvement Application is now available using the Homeowner Portal, under requests along the left side of your dashboard.  

We now have individual Improvement Applications for each type of request that outlines the required information needed. 

If you are unsure an Improvement Application is required, please visit our full set of FAQ

If you need assistance, please contact the Architecture Committee Chair. 

No.  We request all applications be submitted through the Homeowner Portal.  This expedites the application review, archives the request and simplifies the process.  (The Homeowner Portal may be used on any device with an internet browser.)

If you have questions about an application, please submit comments through the Homeowner Portal. 

Any improvement to a lot or structure exterior must be submitted for approval to the Architecture Committee.  The specifics are found in the Design Standards but, as a rule of thumb, if an Owner plans to install or make any change to something neighbors see – a deck, a roof, a play structure, landscaping, stucco, paint – the change should blend with our surroundings, comply with the Design Standards, and must be submitted for approval.

If you need support, please contact the Architecture Committee Chair or visit our full list of FAQ

If you sell your property, your individual account(s) will be closed and the new owner(s) will be added to the property.  The new owners will not have access to any communications, documents, or personal information associated with your account or the property prior to the new ownership.  

If there is a transfer of ownership to one or more current owners, the remaining owner(s) will maintain access to the property, and any others will be removed.  The remaining owners will continue to see the activity for the property, but will not have access to the personal information of the removed owners, including any payment information. 

No.  Each user has their own account number.

Yes. All activity in the portal is visible to each active owner, including Improvement Requests, Violations, Invoices and Payments made.  

Payment information for each account owner is NOT accessible or visible to other owner(s). 

EXAMPLE: if one owner pays an invoice, the other owner will see it has been paid and a $0 balance due.