The Association Board normally meets monthly at different Board members’ homes. All residents and owners are invited to attend any Board meeting. All Board meetings have an agenda item for “Homeowners Forum” for members to speak to the board on any topic. 

Please contact if you plan to attend and/or have a special topic you would like to place on the agenda. All meetings begin at 7PM unless otherwise noted.


The Association has an annual membership meeting in early-mid May of each year. Notice and agenda for the meeting are provided in the annual newsletter which is sent out in April.  The meeting is required by the Bylaws.  A quorum of 25% of owners is required for the meeting to be official.  If an owner is unable to attend the meeting, then the Board recommends that they submit a proxy for their vote to another member of the association who may attend and vote for them.  A copy of a proxy is attached.


The Association hosts a variety of events each year.  If you are interested in learning more or volunteering to help organize a HOA sponsored event, please contact us to learn more. 

  • Spring Clean Up
  • Summer Party
  • Board Appreciation Dinner